Robbie’s Eulogy

Written By Cassie Baldoni ( Mom)

When Robbie was born, it was very difficult for me to sleep. Not just because he woke up every hour or two, but because I was so amazed by his beauty, that I couldn’t stop looking at him. I kept saying to myself, “This is the most amazing perfect baby!”. I loved him so much, and every day I loved him more. As he grew, I knew he was special. His mind was incredible. He was so intelligent and observant. He was beyond his years in knowledge. He understood, or tried to understand philosophical questions that most people do not approach until college, if they ever do approach them. His questions and curiosity were endless. He was insatiable in that regard. Anyone can tell you that Robbie could talk and talk and talk and talk. And what was so great about him, was the fact the he could hold an intelligent conversation with adults and then turn around and play hard and cut up with his friends. He was never to cool to talk to his parents, grandparents, or Aunt and Uncle.

He especially loved his cousins. They were not cousins to him. They were like his brother and sister. Robbie always had time for his little cousin Walker. Most 12 year olds would have their style cramped by a four year old cousin, but not Robbie. He loved Walker so much and spent so much time with him. Walker idolizes Robbie, and I know he will miss him very much. I know Payton will miss him too. When Payton was little and we came to visit them in Georgia from California, Robbie played with her, held her and talked with her. Robbie loved her like a sister. Robbie’s own sister and brother, Alex and Chloe, are so saddened by this loss.

Robbie was an excellent big brother. He let Alex go everywhere with him. They played hard together and enjoyed being boys. Robbie and Alex would play football in the yard and ride their skateboards through the neighborhood. I know how much Alex is going to miss doing these things with Robbie.  Robbie was his hero.  Robbie was also kind to his sister, Chloe. He was always helpful to Chloe when she needed help with her dog, Taz. He walked and fed him whenever Chloe couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. He helped her with chores and they played chess and other board games together. Alex and Chloe can’t imagine him not being part of their day. I can’t either.  It will never be the same without him.

Lastly, I would like to talk about Robbie as a son. He was perfect. Everyone has faults, but as a son, he was absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about him. I don’t have a single regret. We spent so much time together. We had so much fun. Our conversations will never be forgotten. His sense of humor will never be forgotten. Nor will his kindness, His ability to forgive, his love for life and his love for his family. We always told each other how much we loved one another. We always hugged and kissed and held hands. I will miss him holding my hand in the car. He would never pull away from me. He always showed his love for me. I have no doubt as to how much he loved me and Tony, for that was the last thing he said to me, “I love you Mom.”

I am thankful to God for having Robbie for twelve wonderful years. I am thankful to God that I got to hold Robbie in my arms as he left this world and whisper once more into his ear how much I love him, how proud I am of him, and that we will be together again. I am also thankful that during that moment, God gave me strength and removed my fear so that I could be with my son and say those final words to him.

It is my greatest wish that every parent will cherish their children, and not waste a single minute with them.  I am reminded of the saying “Seize the day”.  I try to live by this. My children do as well.  But, I say to you that it is not just “seize the day”, but “seize the moment.” You never know when it will be your last, and no one in the world would ever regret spending too much time with their children or loving them too much.  God bless Robbie.  May he be at Peace.

With Love,



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  1. Kelly Dally says:

    Cassie, You couldn’t have described him any better. He was a lover of life and knowledge and was older than his years yet he still possessed his child like fun and joy from everyday things.

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