We are as close as we have EVER been to making this park a reality!!  We have a location at South Walton Park that will be great for everyone in the community. We have a new design that is more affordable and easily within reach!  I am working on in kind donations and corporate donations!  We are so close! Please share the design and materials list!  I need you out there advocating! If you know anyone in construction, landscaping, grading,  the concrete business, hotel business (we need a place to house eight people from Pillar Designs during the construction) please share the list with them and email me at cassie@robbiesdream.org If you have contacts with home depot, lowes, or anyone else that could help us…send them my way!  We have the Paypal link, but pledges are fine too! Once we reach our goal, we will then collect the pledges about 30 days before breaking ground.  We need about $40,000 more! We can do this! It doesn’t have to be in funds, services and materials are absolutely as valuable!!! 

Please look for our Facebook Group and request to be added!

The Robbie Baldoni Memorial Skatepark Foundation Group  on Facebook!

Future Park at South Walton!

Future Park at South Walton!


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